Day Three of Thirty: My favorite television program

Honestly, I don't have a FAVORITE tv show. If and when I have the time to laze around and watch tv, I'm a compulsive channel flipper. I flip channels in a rush. Especially when commercials come on. I love to hate commercials. They get stuck in my head and/or make me cry like a little bitch. Not lyin'. (Anyone in the southern US that gets Publix commercials knows what i'm talking about)

As for shows though, meh. I watch certain things, sure, but thats more because they keep my interest for longer than 3 minutes (that is, between commercials). I like Criminal Minds a bunch, because people are effing crazy. But, my one true love station, is The Food Network.

This is also why my boy and I are made for one another. We'll be sitting on the phone, in our respective homes, myself in Florida, and him in Maryland (sadface) and I'll head something. Like an echo. OOOOOH We're both watching Alton. Or Guy. Or that annoying british prick on Dinner:Impossible. And can I just say, I love Brian Boitano. Seriously.

The boy and I both love to cook, and we both tend to watch Food Network shows for inspiration. A perfect night for us, when we are together, is to watch something on food network while cat-cuddling (I have two and he has one, so wherever we are there is cat cuddling to be done), and then make dinner. We are epically awesome.

Ok. I went off on a tangent. I do that.

Until tomorrow-


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