Day Eighteen of Thirty: Whatever Tickles My Fancy

Current obsession: Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes

The whole thing is my life right now

"Just say yes
Just say there's nothing holding you back.
It's not a test
nor a trick of the mind...
only love."

I'll be mostly gone for the next week or two as I finish this semester, finals, finish packing, move, and start unpacking in my new home in Maryland with the love of my life.

It's amazing that a year ago I was single, and was SO jaded I never thought i'd fall in love like this ever. I am SO blessed.


Day Seventeen of Thirty: An Art Piece

Edgar Degas
The Green Dancer

I have loved this painting forever. It reminds me of my childhood.


Day Sixteen of Thirty: A Song that makes me cry

... you know those country songs that are all about the girl and boy falling in love and then someone croaking? They are like the musical versions of Nicholas Sparks novels. ANY of those make me cry. Most specifically, "Don't take the girl" by Tim McGraw.

I don't actually LISTEN to country music, but I used to when I was in my redneck phase in like 7th grade.


Day Fifteen of Thirty: A Fanatic

I don't have a fucking clue what today's list item means. A fanatic? Of WHAT? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!

I'm fanatical about a lot of things. Wait, is that even a word? Miriam-Webster says yes! WOO!

Ok, so that's one. I'm a little bit of a grammar junkie/nazi. Sure, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes on the reg, but I cringe when I scroll through my friend's status updates on Facebook, uh, DAILY, because people are just mother fucking LAZY. Text/LOL speak makes me crazy. Sure, it's handy, but honestly, you can't take the time to type out I LOVE YOU instead of luv u. HONESTLY? (My boyfriend and I had a talk about this early in our relationship. haha)

I'm kind of fanatical about cleaning too, but only in short bursts. When I decide I want to clean I WANT TO DO IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW DO NOT TRY AND STOP ME. I am moving in with my boyfriend in less than two weeks, and he has two teenagers that we will have every few days. oh em gee.

I'm a huge foodie fanatic too. I love to cook and to eat. (I got the ass to prove it too). Lucky for me, the boyfriend does too. Whoo! I am DEFINITELY that girl that would rather blow $100 at a nice restaurant than buy new shoes. Sure, I'll be hungry again in a few hours, but it was SO GOOD I don't even care.


Day Fourteen of Thirty: A Non- Fiction Book

This book is one that I read over the course of a weekend a few years ago
I still regularly think about it. I became so entrenched in the story that I feel like I was there.
As a true story, it is both heartbreaking and amazing.
I definitely suggest reading it, but keep the tissues handy.


Umm, yeah... I think today tried to kill me

...but only for an hour.

I set out at One pm to run to Office Depot for office supplies and to pick up some lunch for myself since everyone else (ie the one other person I work with, my boss), was not here.

Office Depot didn't have 4 of the 5 things I needed. So I abandoned my cart with the one thing I DID find in it and walked back to my car across the crowded ass parking lot. I figured, "Hell, I'll just run to Staples."

I turned on to a back street, paused at a red light for a moment, and when the green flipped, I began to accellerate. Dead. Nothing. Car did NOT want to continue on our intended path to Staples. A cop that had been across the road from me when I stalled out pulled up behind me with his lights on so no one would smash into me. *thanks*

I shut off the car. Cop asked what happened. I shrugged "Old car" I mumbled to him. Turned it back on and it was alive again. And then sputtered out. Shut off the AC rolled down a window so as not to die, and it started. I thanked my new cop friend and sputtered down the road. I would limp it to a gas station. Nearly out of gas.

Made it to the nearest gas station, about a mile away, and pulled up to the pump.

Inserted my debit card. "PLEASE SEE CASHIER" flashed on the screen.


I put in my old billing zip, not the new one, in Maryland, that I should have entered. I tried again. Still rejected.

The man inside was less than helpful.

I, of course, only had ONE single dollar in my wallet. That wasn't going to cut it for gas when it's $2.89 a gallon.

I called my bank, got the automated "You must approve these transactions aren't fraud" attendant, and tried again. Nada.

So I walked next door to the ATM. Nothing.

Called my bank again, RE-authorized the transactions, and then yelled into the automated attendant until it recognized my desire to speak to a flesh and blood human, and not a computer.

Blah blah blah confirm my info, transferred to the HUMAN attendant in the fraud department, and he asks me a million questions about myself and my account and releases the hold.

Try again.


Luckily, I'm still on the phone with the human at my bank. He said to try inside.

Guy inside says they don't have a swiping thing inside.

Walk BACK to the bank, with guy still on the phone, withdraw $20, thank my new BoA Human Friend, who said it sounds like an issue with the gas stations card terminals and go BACK to the gas station.

I slapped my $20 for pump 3 on the counter and said "Its not my card, its your credit card terminals."

"whatever" the douchey attendant shrugs at me

Near tears from frustration (and now hunger and 90 degree heat) I pump my gas and leave.

Note to self, put an emergency $10 in the glove box from now on.

And remember you don't live in Florida in two more weeks.

Day Thirteen of Thirty: A fictional book

The grammar nazi in me is cringing right now. A "fictional book" would be a book that did not actually exist. A "Book of Fiction" which is what I think they meant in this list, is a whole 'nother Oprah.

Sooooo, a book of fiction that I love, that I haven't already discussed....

Shit. I can't think of any. I think my brain is flooded with thoughts of moving, finals, and my LAST WEEK AT MY JOB (after 8 years, that's friggin AWESOME).

I usually read fiction or memiors. Though I tend to LOVE memiors more than ficiton. Meh. This post is faily.


Day Twelve of Thirty: Whatever tickles my fancy

This is a little bit of reflection.

Today is April 20th, 2010.

Eleven years ago, on this day, I sat in my high school lunchroom when our principal came over the intercom.

He informed us that schools across the country were being locked down due to a school shooting.

I sat with my friends, not thinking anoything of it at first, in our upper middle class Chicago suburb high school. Sitting in part of the million dollar renovation that they'd just completed. Eating garbage food, and discussing trashy topics.

And then our principal announced that the shooting had taken place at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Most people just shrugged and went back to their meals. Or resumed their discussion of the Marilyn Manson Concert set to take place that night in Chicago. (why I remember that particular detail, I have NO idea)

But not me.

My mother, about 9 months prior had moved to Colorado with my little brother. She'd moved to Littleton.

And then, it hit me. If I'd not moved to live with my dad, and stayed with my mom, MY school would have just been shot up that morning by two of my peers. Possibly killing my friends or teachers. Or me.

I don't believe in God. I believe that there is definitely something larger than me, but I can't believe that there is an "old man in the sky" or whatever other variation of the idea of God people come up with.  Im very spiritual, but not religious in any way. I don't pray. I actually CANT pray. I've tried over the years, but it seems so false. So I don't. I think to myself instead. Maybe that's my way of praying.

But, I had never felt like someTHING intervened in my life more than at that moment of revelation. I could have died. And EVERY year on this anniversary, I feel blessed that the Universe chose to put me in a different situation, and bless me with the opportunity to have a full, hopefully long life. Not one cut short by the inhumanity of two teenage boys.

I am reminded each year to be thankful for all of the ups and downs I've faced over the last 365 days. For I may have never seen them.



Day Eleven of Thirty: A photo taken of me recently

From this past Saturday
My going away party
I think I was more mature in my photo from when I was 6.


Ohhh, It's only been two years...ish?

Tonight I'm going to do something that part of me feels is wrong.

I'm going to return something that I bought probably at least 2 years ago.


Ive worn them once.

Hear me out:

I bought these beautiful and COMFORTABLE royal blue satin peep toe GUESS pumps at Nordstrom for my wedding.

The wedding that never was. (Ps. Please note that I was wearing BRIGHT BLUE SHOES under my wedding gown. fucking rad)

Well, since the wedding never happened, I wore them out once. On a first date. They were hot.

But there was this....smell?

Like garlicy fish.

Not hot.

It was definitely not feet smell, and wasn't eminating from the foot bed of the shoe, but from the shoes themselves. Bizarre.

Anywho, left them in the box, open, in my closet thinking hey, maybe they will air out. Notsomuch.

I forgot about them.

Fast forward to packing, or thinking about maybe starting to pack my closet up for moving a few weeks ago. And I find the still smelly, possibly smellier shoes in the closet.

I emailed GUESS. I thought, shit, it can't hurt, right? Well GUESS said since I bought the shoes at Nordstrom I had to contact them. So I did.

I live chatted with some chick and she said I had to bring them in to the Nordstrom I bought them at, and speak with Customer Service. I mentioned not having my original receipt and she said, no prob, just bring the credit card. So i'm going to.

Part of me feels bad, like, shit if you're gonna return something, do so in a prompt fashion, Kyleigh. But the other cheap part of me is like "FUCK, i spent over $100 on those shoes, which I just DONT do. They can give me a store credit and i'll buy MORE shoes. WOOT!"

I doubt I'll get anything, but it would be rad to get a store credit! I'm not looking for the cash back, but it would be cool if they made this better since I didn't make the shoes smelly.

Day Ten of Thirty: A photo of me taken more than 10 years ago

I was the coolest fuckin' kid ever.
Rockin' that $50 Chicago Chinatown coat my daddy bought me instead of paying his electric bill.
My best friend says I STILL make that same face when I'm excited about something.
Some things never do change.


Long vs. Short. The epic battle of my hair

I am a typical woman in that I am never totally satisfied with my hair.

When it is long, all I think about is chopping it all off.

When it is short, all I think about is how much I look like a boy and want it long again.

There is no in between stage that eases this frustration.

Lucky for me, I have pretty manageable hair, just a lot of it. Its THICK. Im not talking, oh, you have nice thick hair, I mean like "JESUS GIRL, YO HAIR IS LIKE A HORSE TAIL!" kind of thick.

Its naturally curly, but I can straighten it PIN straight. When people see my hair straight mainly, and then I wear it curly, they are amazed. They think I curled it, when, in fact, I just let it do its own thing.

Currently, my hair is about cheekbone length. Im growing it out from one of my "chop that shit off" moments where I cut it about an inch long. I loved it for like a month, and then got bored with it looking the same all the time.

Two years ago, my hair was down to my bra strap/mid back. After I broke up with my then fiance, I chopped it to shoulder length. It was the first time I teared up during a hair cut. It was more what it symbolized (a failed attempt at a marriage) than the hair itself.

I can't WAIT for it to grow out. I don't feel as pretty with short hair. It doesn't make me feel sexy. Even though my boyfriend loves it, He's only known me with short hair.

For me, long hair is beautiful. I think Vanessa Hudgens has the most BEAUTIFUL head of hair ever. Her and Kim Kardashian. But that bitch is just hot all over, so yeah.

I just want to fast forward through the awkward growing out stage and get to where I feel pretty again. Sure, its a lot of damn work when it's long (it takes me over an hour to flat iron it, that's AFTER it's dry), but it makes me feel good. And I miss it.

Until it's long again.

Day Nine of Thirty: A photo that I took

About a month after I met my boyfriend, I was going through a crazy time. I was hardly working, school was trying to kill me, and my boy was 1100 miles away. The weekend prior to taking this, he told me he loved me for the first time. I had issues from past relationships that had scarred me, and I was holding tight to the belief that this was different. I walked out of my house that afternoon, glanced up, and saw this in the sky. A skywriter had written this RIGHT above my house. I took it as a sign that even when you are wounded or broken, there are trustworthy people out there, and to always trust my gut.

Every time I follow my instincts, I ultimately end up in awesome situations.
When I push my instincts aside, and do what everyone else thinks is best, I end up hurting.
Trust. Your.  Heart. Kyleigh.

I say that at least once a day now.



Day Eight of Thirty: A photo that makes me angry or sad

This photo was from December of 2007. Those two women with me (please also note my kickassery long ass hair, tyvm) were my very best friends in the entire universe.

The blonde and I are still very good friends. As we've grown, we've grown in different directions, but have remained friends and would never intentionally hurt each other.

The redhead, is another story entirely. She's a hot fucking mess. Always has been. From very early in her life she's needed other people to feel whole. She tries to be very giving, but in the long run, its about what she can take from others. When I was with my ex, she hated him. She never had ANYTHING nice to say about him, and when he and I got engaged, she asked me "Are you really sure that you want to do this?" To which I got upset. (Granted, in the long run, she was right). Fast forward to the ex and I breaking up two months before our wedding and a week before my birthday. This is going to sound incredibly lame and immature, and I'm aware of that, but bear with me here. The redhead sent the ex a message on myspace the WEEK after we broke up "Don't get in too much trouble this weekend" (please note, the ex and I are in FL and the redhead is in IL) I saw it and got pissed. She's MY BEST FRIEND for ten years, and she's fraternizing with the enemy?! She should want to castrate him like the REST of my friends do, not be all buddy buddy.

Anyway, fast forward nearly two years and the redhead and I haven't spoken since and she's now friend's with the ex's new stripper gf. (Please note, they are still in FL and she's still in IL, yay facebook)

I have never felt so betrayed by anyone in my entire life. I can't believe I was friends with her as long as I was.

If she were to ever stumble upon this and see that, it honestly wouldn't bother me. Some people need to know that they are cancer.


Day Seven of Thirty: A Photo that makes me happy

My Boyfriend, Steve, and I.
November 2009

This makes me happy because I so rarely laugh that hard in photos.
I'm always concious of how I look or what the photo will look like.
But this, this was him saying something epically dorky in my ear, and me laughing my ass off.
He just happened to catch it on film.

ps. This is what a normal day looks like with he and I. We are constantly laughing. <3


Disappearing Act

I didn't mean to just bail on you, little fledgling blog, I swear. Last week just got freaking INSANE really fast and before I knew it I was out of town for four days.

The lowdown:

My boss had her twins on Wednesday afternoon. So that just made my life epically more insane because now I'll REALLY have to balance time between wrapping up things in the office, getting her company closed, and helping her with her 3 year old. (I've worked for the same family for 8 years, in some form or another. Mostly running her skin care company, but she's decided to close, because with three kids under 3, she's gonna be crazy)

I wrote a paper for my art history class, and handed that in. Took a test.

Thursday AM I headed out to Maryland to my boyfriend. We ran a zillion errands which included a stop at the bank to get our bank statement printed so I could get my Maryland license. A bunch of BS ensued at the MVA and we ended up back on Friday. Everntually GOT my license and am now an official resident. Got my phone switched over to his plan on Verizon, got a new phone (and number!) and had dinner with friends. We headed over to the school I'll be attending on Friday also, to get me registered for the fall term. Done and Done. Taking a Psych 214 class (birth to death psychology) and a Photography class. Yeah, I know, wtf do I need photography if i'm planning to be a nurse? Wellllll, it's more for me. For my bachelor's I need 16 elective credits, so I figured the first term in a new school, I'd go easy on myself. Take a moderate class, and a fun class. :) Win and Win.

Now, I have to finish packing my house, take my two finals here in Florida, and then pick the boy up from the airport when he flys down in three weeks to pack my life in a truck and drive up to our home together in Maryland.

Im stoked, ya'll. Seriously stoked.


Day Six of Thirty: My biggest pet peeve

Yes. We all have them. Weird little things that crawl under our skin and make us insane. I don't know that I could absolutely identitify the BIGGEST of my bunches of peeves ( I promise i'm not a total bitch, just things annoy me, i generally internalize it though) But here's a few of the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

  • Lack of blinker usage when driving
  • Leaving things open (fridge, cabinets, doors, shower curtain)
  • Assumptions
  • Smokers smoking right in front of a place of business, so I get to walk through their cloud of carcinogens
  • When people call you and expect you to carry the convo. YOU called ME, I didn't have anything to talk about or I would have called you!
  • Drinking out of the carton (this annoys me and Im guilty of it. I am a walking contradiction)
  • Old boyfriends assuming they can call and "say hi". No.
Im going to stop there, but there's plenty. I think we all have a bunch. I just feel more neurotic writing them all down in one place. :)


Day Five of Thirty: My Favorite Quote

Quotations, like music, are like air to me. I find solace in the words of those that are more wise and much funnier than I am.

I definitely don't have a FAVORITE, but I have lots that I love, so here's a couple of them:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin (if I had a fave, this would be it)

"Wherever I go, there's always Pooh, there's always Pooh and Me. Whatever I do, he wants to do. "Where are you going today?" says Pooh, "Well that's very odd, 'cause I was too. Let's go together, " says Pooh, says he, "Let's go together," says Pooh." - A.A. Milne

"No one said that it would be easy, but they promised that it would be worth it" - Anon.


Day Four of Thrity: My Favorite Book

I read Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife based on a recommendation from a friend. She loved it, and suggested it to me one day when I'd mentioned I was desperate for a new read. I instantly fell in love with it. I loved the way it was written, and I fell deeply in love with the characters. I think I read it the first time in one day. Or just over. I've since re-read it twice and seen the movie (which left much to be desired for me, as it seemed to do for a lot of people that love the book, but such is the translation between literature and film. Its much like a game of "telephone" from childhood.)

I have a few close runners up though:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The entire Harry Potter Series (yes, I am admitting my epic dorkery on the internet)
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I'm savoring this one, not quite done with it. Most likely will be disappointed by the movie set to star Julia Roberts)
I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb

I love to read. I just wish I had more time to read for pleasure. School really puts a damper on my "me time". *pout*


Day Three of Thirty: My favorite television program

Honestly, I don't have a FAVORITE tv show. If and when I have the time to laze around and watch tv, I'm a compulsive channel flipper. I flip channels in a rush. Especially when commercials come on. I love to hate commercials. They get stuck in my head and/or make me cry like a little bitch. Not lyin'. (Anyone in the southern US that gets Publix commercials knows what i'm talking about)

As for shows though, meh. I watch certain things, sure, but thats more because they keep my interest for longer than 3 minutes (that is, between commercials). I like Criminal Minds a bunch, because people are effing crazy. But, my one true love station, is The Food Network.

This is also why my boy and I are made for one another. We'll be sitting on the phone, in our respective homes, myself in Florida, and him in Maryland (sadface) and I'll head something. Like an echo. OOOOOH We're both watching Alton. Or Guy. Or that annoying british prick on Dinner:Impossible. And can I just say, I love Brian Boitano. Seriously.

The boy and I both love to cook, and we both tend to watch Food Network shows for inspiration. A perfect night for us, when we are together, is to watch something on food network while cat-cuddling (I have two and he has one, so wherever we are there is cat cuddling to be done), and then make dinner. We are epically awesome.

Ok. I went off on a tangent. I do that.

Until tomorrow-