And so it begins...

I've never really been one for being wholeheartedly into blogging. I love to read blogs. Plenty of my friends have blogs, which I follow regularly but, for me, I guess I've always just sort of felt like that weird girl on the playground in blogland.

Sure, I'm clever and I have a crazy life and I have plenty of stories to tell, but, the ever looming question for me is, "Who the hell wants to read this shit?" Well, obviously, I love to read the insanity of my friend's blogs, and, clearly, you're reading mine (assuming i'm not sending this out into the blog-verse to no one), but now, there's pressure.

I have an audience.


{Hold a moment while I freak out silently on the other side of this curtain.}

Ok, we're good now. I think. Maybe. Yes. Moving on.

So let's start with where the hell I came from. What my story is, I suppose.

Once upon a time, a girl and a boy met.... ok, no I won't start THAT far back I guess.

The basics:
I'm a girl. (clearly)
I'm single (that better not be so clear.)
I work full time in the skin care industry, but, the company is sadly folding later this year.
I am in school in the evenings, getting my pre reqs done so I can apply to Nursing School early next year.
I am most definitely a cat person. (though i don't dislike dogs)
I am pierced and tattooed.
I try to be optimistic.
I am imperfect. And I like it that way.
I am both a lover and a fighter.
I believe in the Universe and it's ability to act in our lives.
I am a firm believer that everything. EVERY. THING. happens for a reason.
I like ghosts.
and sushi.
and beer.

So, I'm not entirely certain the direction i'm going to take this little blog yet, but when I figure it out, I promise you'll be the first to know. Cross my heart.

Today, I'll leave you with the most ridiculous thing I've said recently:

"I love you more than biscuits"