Day Two of Thirty: My Favorite Movie

As a child of the 80's, is there really a WHOLE lot I need to say about this movie?
I loved the whole thing. Having a baby brother, I thought, "Shit, this kid is goin' to the Goblin King and I'm NOT gonna rescue his ass."

But, because I mostly BELIEVED that David Bowie was indeed the king of Goblins, I never tested it. Mainly because my mom would have killed me if I sent my kid brother to the Goblin King. But don't think I didn't consider it.

It still holds a very special place in my heart. I have it on dvd and video (even thought I don't OWN a VCR) because it was the original. Anyone I know who HASN'T seen it, gets subjected to watching it shortly after I meet them. And I love it Every. Single. Time.

I'm not a dog person, but I've always said if I owned a small dog (which I probably never will) I'd name him Sir Didymus. And then every person that recognized where his name was from would get a hug. Or a cookie. Or some shit.

I still get annoyed when people find out that "Labyrinth" is my favorite movie and they go "Oh Shit! Yes! The Pale Man was Sick!"

*head desk* That's PAN'S Labyrinth. While it is ALSO an awesome movie, it does not reach David Bowie wearing a codpiece levels. Sorry.



Day One of Thirty: My Favorite Song

Day one will most likely be the hardest for me to do.

Music is my life. Seriously.

Regularly when listening to my itunes or the radio or pandora or even the music stations on Comcast, I say "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!" This happens approximately... every single song that comes on. If i don't already have it, I jot it down, and scamper off to find it.

But as for my FAVORITE song. It would be a toss up. For the same reason, actually.

The first is "Crucify" by Tori Amos.

I was in high school when I was first introduced to her music. I INSTANTLY fell in love with her sound. With her voice. With her piano. With her strength. And I ran with it. I bought "Little Earthquakes" shortly after I found out about her. While it was my second Tori album that I bought, (the first was Boys for Pele), I immediately gravitated towards it. "Crucify" stuck out to me. In my awkward desire to fit in, I found solace in her crazy lyrics that rarely make sense.

When I was 22 I got the word "Crucify" tattooed in white ink on my wrist. I got it during a particularly terrible relationship and it reminded me that not everything was wrapped up in being someone's object. I found the strength to leave the relationship and move on. I still remember when she played this song at her concert that I went to in WPB, FL. I got goose bumps.

The second song is "Not a Pretty Girl" by Ani Difranco.

It was a little later that I learned about Ani. I was right around 20 at the time and heard it first from a girl on Livejournal. She was a quirky weird chick, and she did a guitar/vocal cover of "Untouchable Face". I'd never heard the song, so I did some research and found out about Ani. My boyfriend at the time was a HUGE music buff, and I asked him if he had any of her cd's. He did, and copied them all for me.

It was again that instant connection. The strength and power in her voice. I wanted not only to listen to her every waking moment, but I wanted to meet her. (and I still want to do this).

After I got my tattoo mentioned above, I broke up with that hot mess and shortly after I went in for another inking. This time, I chose Ani's words. "I ain't no damsel in distress" and had them inked into my lower back. (I promise I have tattoos that AREN'T words too)

I still live by this motto. I am not the type of girl that needs anyone to take care of me. I am not the type of girl to wait for someone to come along and rescue me. I just do what needs to be done. I take care of myself. Not that I can't or won't let others IN, I just know, first and foremost, that I am independent.

Maybe once I figure out how the hell to work Blogger, I will put the videos in for these songs. They are both so fantastic.

I have a confession... or three

I read blogs.

Yeah yeah. I know. So does everyone and their little brother's dog.

But, lately, I've read blogs and wanted to be a PART of it. Of what? The Blogiverse, of course!

I've had a personal journal on Livejournal for approximately 12, 000 years. I've gone through ups and downs with it. Times where I wrote nearly every day, and others, where I peaced out on that shit and didn't look back for months.

The blogs I read are so inspiring. Not because that's what they are written for (honestly, no one's life is sunshine and butterflies all the effing time. That's just obnoxious), but because the women that write them (Ok ok, I admit, I'm a little sexist when I read blogs. I think I follow...two blogs written by men. And they just don't captivate me or make me want to check my google reader every 27 seconds like the female writers do.) are just freaking AWESOME.

As a second confession, i'm a lurker. I very rarely post a comment, mostly because I feel like the dorky girl in class. Who IS this weird new chick commenting on my blog?! As IF! Really, I'm actually 27 years old. Shocker, I know.

I want to make it my mission, as I embark on everything that I am embarking upon in the upcoming months, to be a better blogger/reader. I want to blog here, not just about the mundane bullshit that happens, but about really truly thoughtful things. The "profound brain things going on inside my head" (my boyfriend quotes Madagascar ENDLESSLY. Its a sickness, really)

So, today while I stalked, erm, read through some back posts in my Google reader, I came across this awesome idea from http://ohhlaceyy.blogspot.com/: A list of stuff to do on my blog, for me to not only blog more, but for those who run across this little slice of heaven to know a little more about me.

The List:

30 days

Day 1: My favorite song

Day 2: My favorite movie

Day 3: My favorite television program

Day 4: My favorite book

Day 5: My favorite quote

Day 6: My biggest pet peeve

Day 7: A photo that makes me happy

Day 8: A photo that makes me angry or sad

Day 9: A photo I took

Day 10: A photo of me taken over ten years ago

Day 11: A photo of me taken recently

Day 12: Whatever tickles my fancy

Day 13: A fictional book

Day 14: A non-fictional book

Day 15: A fanatic

Day 16: A song that makes me cry

Day 17: An art piece

Day 18: Whatever tickles my fancy

Day 19: A talent of mine

Day 20: A hobby of mine

Day 21: A recipe

Day 22: A website

Day 23: A YouTube video

Day 24: Whatever tickles my fancy

Day 25: My day, in great detail

Day 26: My week, in great detail

Day 27: My month, in great detail

Day 28: My year, in great detail

Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Day 30: Whatever tickles my fancy

So I'm going to do my best to do these every day. I'm pretty stoked about it. And, as confession #3, I feel a little ridiculous as a baby blogger. I don't know shit about anything here, but I'll figure it out as I go. As I said yesterday:

"I'm going to love the shit out of life"


From the pages of "Epic Stupidity"

My ex is a person that I have come to realize has probably less common sense than my one year old nephew.

I just received a call from my mother (who hates him, please note) that he used her as a personal reference.


The only thing i can do is *facepalm* at his epic stupidity and laugh at the fact that whatever he is applying for, he will most likely NOT get it because of this.

If left alone with him in a room with a sharp object, I think she would be the only one to emerge unscathed.

Essentially, I love that he is dumb enough to think that this was a good idea. Sure, *I'VE* moved on and stopped giving a shit about him, but that doesn't mean my family forgives him.

I just sit back and laugh.

ETA: Spoke to mama again and she didn't want to call, so she gave me the number and I did it for her. (What? We sound the damn same on the phone anyway. Seriously. She and my father have a "code word" so he doesnt say something weird to his daughter)

Apparently, Mr. Genius of the Mother Effing century is not paying his bills anymore. And they can't reach him. So they called her because he listed her as a reference when he bought his truck. When we were still together.

I informed the very nice lady I spoke to that we had nothing nice to say about him, and we hadn't been in contact in over two years, but that I had his cell phone number and place of business if that would be helpful to her. She thanked me and I gave her the info and went on my way. I feel I did a good deed. >:)


Well...ow. Plus extras

Yesterday evening I managed to drop the very heavy plug end of my flat iron. Right. On. My. Foot.

It was fantastically awesome in that I saw colors and immediately wanted to cut my foot off. From a friggin PLUG? yes. The ow. It hurts.

Anyway, so I spent the day wondering if i'd cracked a tarsal (yay nursing school) or if I was really just being overly dramatic (it was the latter). I'm gestating an awesome bruise now though. woo.

In other, less painful news, I've realized that I should put up a little update of sorts as there isn't a whole lot of info about, well, me on here.

I'm originally from the burbs outside Chicago. I currently live in South Florida, though I spent the majority of my life traveling back and forth between the two due to there being a parent in each state.

I moved to Florida at 19, ready to take on the world. Got my esthetics license and started working in the corporate skin care world (I was a makeup artist for Clinique before I moved here).

After a string of poorly made relationship and life decisions I ended up engaged, only to cancel the wedding two months before it happened (more ow, lots of money....yeah.) While it was possibly one of the HARDEST things i've ever done in my life, I am 100% certain that I HAD to go through that relationship to make me understand really what I was doing to myself and how I was dealing with less than I deserved.

Lots of therapy later I spent about a year and a half alone. Well, not ALONE, I did plenty more stupid shit in that year and a half, but I also learned more about myself than I had in my previous 25 years.

I went away to a foreign country (Costa Rica) for two weeks last summer, and while it was lonely, and I got incredibly homesick, I am SO glad I did that for myself. I learned to say what I wanted, regardless of how it effected the lives of those around me (not that I'm unconcerned with others, I have just always put what others want before what I want).

I was finally at the point where I was happy being ME. I'd never been there before. But when I finally managed to enjoy my OWN company, of course life threw a wrench in my plan. A 6'3'', bald, blue eyed, beautiful tattooed wrench.

Here I am 6 months later looking forward instead of back. We live in different states. He's up in Maryland. We've racked up a good amount of frequent flyer miles thus far. But, we will never know what is possible with 1100 miles between us. Neither of us are very good at the whole long distance thing.

I've read about couples being together for years but always living across the country from one another, I just Cannot. Do. That. So i've decided to give up my life here in Florida, and move to Maryland. May 5th, I pick up my handsome boy from the airport and we will cram all my shit, and my two cats (who will be sedated so no one dies on the trip) into a Uhaul and start the drive to our home together.

It's starting to hit me that this is really happening. Its so exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. I decided I wouldn't live in the "what if's" anymore. I will only live in the here and nows. Whatever life throws at me, I will live it and learn from it. And Love. Beyond everything else, I will love with every ounce of who I am. I will love the shit out of life. Because one day, I won't be here anymore. And I never want to reflect back and say "I wish I would have done that" I just want to do it.

Life is an adventure. Put on your seat belts, kids. Its gonna be a fun one.



Movin' On Up...

So, I'm moving to Maryland in 5 weeks. It seems like a combination of "been waiting FOREVER to move" and "holy shit i'm leaving REALLY SOON and have nothing done and way too much to do"

I set up a goodbye dinner thing, that, while in theory i'm totally stoked about, in reality i'm afraid that I will end up disappointed. This has been an ongoing theme in my life.

It started when I was 12. And it has to do with birthdays.

For my 12th bday I wanted to have a HUGE EFFING PARTY, and made up flyers and dished them out to all my awesome 7th grade buds (and basically anyone that walked past me in the hallway) Literally I think i handed out like 150 "invites". Clearly this was going to only be the L33t. Or not.

We lived in the country and had a huge property at the time...I was totally excited and pumped for it the day of. and three people came.

I was wrecked. Granted, the three girls that came were three of my close friends and we had fun anyway, to this day when I see pics from that event I get that same heartbroken feeling all over again. I am clearly not mature.

Anyway, so for my 22nd birthday, when I was dating Kim, I had a thing at my house, and quite a few people actually showed up. It was a mix of my family and friends. And Kim got hammered and proceeded to call me a lying slut in front of everyone, my Grandfather included.

Throwing parties never ceases to stress me the fuck out.

Last year, for my birthday I will say it was one of the BEST birthdays I have ever had. (Minus the alcohol poisoning I gave myself \m/) We set it up at the Hard Rock, and barhopped all night. The only thing that bugged me was that SEVERAL people that said they'd be there, just... didn't show. No reason or anything, just didn't show up. And while it was an awesome night, a part of me turned 12 again.

So now, I'm planning this casual dinner thing and invited all the locals on FB, and i'm trying to remain realistic about it. If they don't come, its cool. But another part of me is still 12, and is like "but i'm MOVING and I won't BE here to hang out with anymore"

I really hope, for once, people do what they say they are going to. If only so I can grow to be 13, eventually.