Have you lost weight?

I decided that this deserved it's own post.

Mainly because i'm damn proud of myself.

So because i've been mostly living on the very very minimum that I can for the last few months, I've become a bit of a homebody. I haven't gone out with my friends in quite a while. But last night there was an event downtown, and I decided I needed to get my ass up and out. I mean, the cover was only $5, even I can afford that.

I met my friends at one of their condos, which was directly next door to the venue we were heading to.

When I walked in one of my very best friends in all the land looked at me and said "You've lost weight!" I smiled. I have. "Did you notice this shirt fits much differently than when I wore it for my birthday?" I asked him, "Uh huh" he said.

I'd bought a vest to wear out for my birthday party in August. The vest was a little snug, but I rocked it anyway. Last night, I realized that I should probably have it tailored. Its obvious that I've lost weight in my stomach and, unfortunately, my boobs.

But I can handle that. For the first time since I started back to the gym in October, I CAN TELL I'VE LOST WEIGHT AND SO CAN OTHER PEOPLE.

This is huge for me. Im doing it right. Sure, I could be a lot lighter now if I changed my eating habits or went to the gym daily. BUT I DONT WANT TO. I like going to the gym when I can, and I like eating what I want. I am just more aware of HOW MUCH im eating. And I get up 9 times out of 10 when i'd rather sit on the couch all day (today is an exception heh)

I feel good. I still need to lose more, but i'm happy with my progress. I wish I would have taken my measurements when I first started. Maybe I did. I'll have to scour my internet sites and see. :)



Its hard sometimes to believe that good things are coming when it seems like you have been standing in the fast lane heading the wrong direction for so long.

It's about trust and faith. Both of which are hard for me to do.

But, just when I start to feel like i've totally lost all faith that something good WILL come, a sign will pop up and remind me to just hang in there a little while longer.

One day, I walked out my front door, after feeling down about my lack of job, my boyfriend being 1100 miles away, and school stress, and there was a skywriter just above my house. (I live in Florida, so this is not unusual to see in December). He wrote "TRUST" in the sky right above my humble home. He went on to write "GOD" beside it, but trust was nearly gone by the time god was finished. I just felt like it was the universe's way of reminding me to just hang in there.

I got the highest marks I've EVER received this past term in school. I trusted that I would somehow pull off an A in my hardest class to date, and ya know what? I did it. And I suprised myself how proud I was of that.

My boyfriend and I are making plans for me to move up to his area when this term is complete.

And, I recently was offered a full time job that will work with the fact that I'm leaving in three months.

I trusted the Universe would line up for me, and it actually did.

I am now looking for a temporary room mate to move in and share bills with me. I'm trusting that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will need the opportunity that I have to offer. I just HOPE that it will be sooner rather than later.

The most difficult part of faith and trust is the unknown. The lack of control. The belief that its going to work itself out. I just have to keep reminding myself that The universe reminded me to trust it before, and I did. And it worked. I just have to be patient with her.