Since my last post... ohhhh two months ago, many, many things have happened in my world. Most sucks, but some is extra awesome. The stuff that sucks is completely and totally out of my control, so let's just pretend its not that giant elephant behind the curtain there, ok?

Let's just be positive. It IS the holidays after all.

So in October I'd decided to go back to the gym. And, HURRAH! Im going. Nearly DAILY. WTF? I've become one of those. A "gym person". This is EXCEPTIONALLY weird to me, but I AM. I dont necessarily LIKE going, but I like the FEELING afterwards. I like that I can tell it gets easier every day I go, and I can go for a little longer and a little harder each time.

I'm being VERY patient with myself. I prefer to go alone, even though my bestie goes to the same gym. But, i'm competetive by nature so if I go with her, I want to compete at something which is counterproductive for me in the gym. In school, thats different. heh. So I go, usually in the mornings, take a yoga class, or do some cardio. And I dont spaz. I do a half hour on the treadmill, (I started at 15 mins, so i'm making progress) walking still, but occasionally i'll jog several bursts. I dont want to pretend like i'm some seasoned athlete and go run full tilt and have a heart attack on the cardio floor.

When I hit 30 mins on the 'mill, I then go do abs. I HATE abwork. But I started slowly there too. Its not a lot but i'm up to 50 regular crunches and then i do obliques till i want to cry, which ends up around 20 per side. Im not saying this is the proper way to do it, but its WORKING for me. And thats whats important to me. If I push myself too hard at first I get mad that I cant do it and just stop going all together. But i've been going! For almost 2 months. And I could care less about if im losing anything, i want to create a healthy habit for myself first. :)

Next week, i'm meeting up with a friend of mine who is a trainer just to go through what I should start doing to work some strength training into my days. Im really excited about this!

So, thats that. Theres more to share but I have cookies to bake (yes, to give to others and send to my super handsome boyfriend and his girls in Baltimore - a surprise box full of homemade cookies is the BEST EVER)

love and eskimo kisses-