Day Eight of Thirty: A photo that makes me angry or sad

This photo was from December of 2007. Those two women with me (please also note my kickassery long ass hair, tyvm) were my very best friends in the entire universe.

The blonde and I are still very good friends. As we've grown, we've grown in different directions, but have remained friends and would never intentionally hurt each other.

The redhead, is another story entirely. She's a hot fucking mess. Always has been. From very early in her life she's needed other people to feel whole. She tries to be very giving, but in the long run, its about what she can take from others. When I was with my ex, she hated him. She never had ANYTHING nice to say about him, and when he and I got engaged, she asked me "Are you really sure that you want to do this?" To which I got upset. (Granted, in the long run, she was right). Fast forward to the ex and I breaking up two months before our wedding and a week before my birthday. This is going to sound incredibly lame and immature, and I'm aware of that, but bear with me here. The redhead sent the ex a message on myspace the WEEK after we broke up "Don't get in too much trouble this weekend" (please note, the ex and I are in FL and the redhead is in IL) I saw it and got pissed. She's MY BEST FRIEND for ten years, and she's fraternizing with the enemy?! She should want to castrate him like the REST of my friends do, not be all buddy buddy.

Anyway, fast forward nearly two years and the redhead and I haven't spoken since and she's now friend's with the ex's new stripper gf. (Please note, they are still in FL and she's still in IL, yay facebook)

I have never felt so betrayed by anyone in my entire life. I can't believe I was friends with her as long as I was.

If she were to ever stumble upon this and see that, it honestly wouldn't bother me. Some people need to know that they are cancer.

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