Day Fifteen of Thirty: A Fanatic

I don't have a fucking clue what today's list item means. A fanatic? Of WHAT? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!

I'm fanatical about a lot of things. Wait, is that even a word? Miriam-Webster says yes! WOO!

Ok, so that's one. I'm a little bit of a grammar junkie/nazi. Sure, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes on the reg, but I cringe when I scroll through my friend's status updates on Facebook, uh, DAILY, because people are just mother fucking LAZY. Text/LOL speak makes me crazy. Sure, it's handy, but honestly, you can't take the time to type out I LOVE YOU instead of luv u. HONESTLY? (My boyfriend and I had a talk about this early in our relationship. haha)

I'm kind of fanatical about cleaning too, but only in short bursts. When I decide I want to clean I WANT TO DO IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW DO NOT TRY AND STOP ME. I am moving in with my boyfriend in less than two weeks, and he has two teenagers that we will have every few days. oh em gee.

I'm a huge foodie fanatic too. I love to cook and to eat. (I got the ass to prove it too). Lucky for me, the boyfriend does too. Whoo! I am DEFINITELY that girl that would rather blow $100 at a nice restaurant than buy new shoes. Sure, I'll be hungry again in a few hours, but it was SO GOOD I don't even care.

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