Ohhh, It's only been two years...ish?

Tonight I'm going to do something that part of me feels is wrong.

I'm going to return something that I bought probably at least 2 years ago.


Ive worn them once.

Hear me out:

I bought these beautiful and COMFORTABLE royal blue satin peep toe GUESS pumps at Nordstrom for my wedding.

The wedding that never was. (Ps. Please note that I was wearing BRIGHT BLUE SHOES under my wedding gown. fucking rad)

Well, since the wedding never happened, I wore them out once. On a first date. They were hot.

But there was this....smell?

Like garlicy fish.

Not hot.

It was definitely not feet smell, and wasn't eminating from the foot bed of the shoe, but from the shoes themselves. Bizarre.

Anywho, left them in the box, open, in my closet thinking hey, maybe they will air out. Notsomuch.

I forgot about them.

Fast forward to packing, or thinking about maybe starting to pack my closet up for moving a few weeks ago. And I find the still smelly, possibly smellier shoes in the closet.

I emailed GUESS. I thought, shit, it can't hurt, right? Well GUESS said since I bought the shoes at Nordstrom I had to contact them. So I did.

I live chatted with some chick and she said I had to bring them in to the Nordstrom I bought them at, and speak with Customer Service. I mentioned not having my original receipt and she said, no prob, just bring the credit card. So i'm going to.

Part of me feels bad, like, shit if you're gonna return something, do so in a prompt fashion, Kyleigh. But the other cheap part of me is like "FUCK, i spent over $100 on those shoes, which I just DONT do. They can give me a store credit and i'll buy MORE shoes. WOOT!"

I doubt I'll get anything, but it would be rad to get a store credit! I'm not looking for the cash back, but it would be cool if they made this better since I didn't make the shoes smelly.

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