Long vs. Short. The epic battle of my hair

I am a typical woman in that I am never totally satisfied with my hair.

When it is long, all I think about is chopping it all off.

When it is short, all I think about is how much I look like a boy and want it long again.

There is no in between stage that eases this frustration.

Lucky for me, I have pretty manageable hair, just a lot of it. Its THICK. Im not talking, oh, you have nice thick hair, I mean like "JESUS GIRL, YO HAIR IS LIKE A HORSE TAIL!" kind of thick.

Its naturally curly, but I can straighten it PIN straight. When people see my hair straight mainly, and then I wear it curly, they are amazed. They think I curled it, when, in fact, I just let it do its own thing.

Currently, my hair is about cheekbone length. Im growing it out from one of my "chop that shit off" moments where I cut it about an inch long. I loved it for like a month, and then got bored with it looking the same all the time.

Two years ago, my hair was down to my bra strap/mid back. After I broke up with my then fiance, I chopped it to shoulder length. It was the first time I teared up during a hair cut. It was more what it symbolized (a failed attempt at a marriage) than the hair itself.

I can't WAIT for it to grow out. I don't feel as pretty with short hair. It doesn't make me feel sexy. Even though my boyfriend loves it, He's only known me with short hair.

For me, long hair is beautiful. I think Vanessa Hudgens has the most BEAUTIFUL head of hair ever. Her and Kim Kardashian. But that bitch is just hot all over, so yeah.

I just want to fast forward through the awkward growing out stage and get to where I feel pretty again. Sure, its a lot of damn work when it's long (it takes me over an hour to flat iron it, that's AFTER it's dry), but it makes me feel good. And I miss it.

Until it's long again.

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