Disappearing Act

I didn't mean to just bail on you, little fledgling blog, I swear. Last week just got freaking INSANE really fast and before I knew it I was out of town for four days.

The lowdown:

My boss had her twins on Wednesday afternoon. So that just made my life epically more insane because now I'll REALLY have to balance time between wrapping up things in the office, getting her company closed, and helping her with her 3 year old. (I've worked for the same family for 8 years, in some form or another. Mostly running her skin care company, but she's decided to close, because with three kids under 3, she's gonna be crazy)

I wrote a paper for my art history class, and handed that in. Took a test.

Thursday AM I headed out to Maryland to my boyfriend. We ran a zillion errands which included a stop at the bank to get our bank statement printed so I could get my Maryland license. A bunch of BS ensued at the MVA and we ended up back on Friday. Everntually GOT my license and am now an official resident. Got my phone switched over to his plan on Verizon, got a new phone (and number!) and had dinner with friends. We headed over to the school I'll be attending on Friday also, to get me registered for the fall term. Done and Done. Taking a Psych 214 class (birth to death psychology) and a Photography class. Yeah, I know, wtf do I need photography if i'm planning to be a nurse? Wellllll, it's more for me. For my bachelor's I need 16 elective credits, so I figured the first term in a new school, I'd go easy on myself. Take a moderate class, and a fun class. :) Win and Win.

Now, I have to finish packing my house, take my two finals here in Florida, and then pick the boy up from the airport when he flys down in three weeks to pack my life in a truck and drive up to our home together in Maryland.

Im stoked, ya'll. Seriously stoked.


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