Day Nine of Thirty: A photo that I took

About a month after I met my boyfriend, I was going through a crazy time. I was hardly working, school was trying to kill me, and my boy was 1100 miles away. The weekend prior to taking this, he told me he loved me for the first time. I had issues from past relationships that had scarred me, and I was holding tight to the belief that this was different. I walked out of my house that afternoon, glanced up, and saw this in the sky. A skywriter had written this RIGHT above my house. I took it as a sign that even when you are wounded or broken, there are trustworthy people out there, and to always trust my gut.

Every time I follow my instincts, I ultimately end up in awesome situations.
When I push my instincts aside, and do what everyone else thinks is best, I end up hurting.
Trust. Your.  Heart. Kyleigh.

I say that at least once a day now.


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